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DIY Voice Reel - With Silver-Tongued Mastering

We were chatting to an Equity representative regarding voice reels when the issue of the ' DIY' voice reel came up, and the fact that some actors send casting directors/agents these recordings.


The view was that the quality varied considerably and they usually ranged from a 'good' reel, not produced well, but sort of passable, to a horrible, noisy, tinny reel not fit for purpose.


The conclusion was...why have a 'good' reel when you can have a fantastic reel professionally recorded, the voice cleaned, with music and sfx added, mixed and produced to a highly professional standard.


If casting directors/agents see that you are willing to invest in yourself and have a professional voice reel recorded, then they are more inclined to invest in you too!


However, not everyone can afford a professional voice reel. With this in mind we have come up with a possible solution...'STM' Silver-Tongued Mastering'.

1. You digitally record the voice tracks, as many as you like, and send them to us.


    The running time for each track should be as follows:


    Commercial/T.V. Continuity/Children’s T.V./Charity/Seductive – up to 30 seconds per track

    Corporate/Documentary/Instructional/Audio Guide – up to 45 seconds per track


    Monologue/Narration – up to 1 minute per track

    Animation – up to 1 minute per track – no more than 4 characters interacting in each track

    Gaming – up to 1 minute per track – no more than 4 characters interacting on each track


    Animation Montage – up to 1 minute – no more than 10 characters in individual scenes

    Gaming Montage – up to 1 minute – no more than 10 characters in individual scenes


    Record them in as higher quality as you can. Think about the acoustics, make sure there are no      

    echoes. You can record in a cupboard with duvets to dampen the sound. Beware of outside noises

    e.g. planes, cars, grass cutting, toilets flushing (we've had all these and more!)

    Once you are happy your recordings then email them to us in MP3 or WAV format.

    PLEASE NOTE: If we consider the tracks to be too poorer quality then we will ask you to record them

    again. If they haven't improved then we will not move on to the next stage.


2. The next stage includes cleaning the voice, adding copyright free music and sound effects, if required.


3. The tracks are then mixed down and mastered and produced in MP3 format.

    Your name, the title of the track, the author of your monologue/narration and your photo are then

    embedded in the MP3 File.


4. Once completed the tracks are emailed back to you!

Here's How It Works!

We always recommend that you have the whole process done professionally, from recording to producing, but this is the closest way to get a high quality voice reel for a fraction of the price...

only £25 per track!


Gaming, animation,narration and monolgue tracks will be charged at £30 per track as the work is greater and they should be no longer than one minute each.


Gaming and animation montages are £45 per track, again, no longer than one minute each.

SPECIAL OFFER NOW £20 per track!  Animation/Gaming/Monologue/Narration tracks now £25 per track and Animation/Gaming Montages now £40 per track.

(PLEASE NOTE: Scripts aren't provided by STP for D.I.Y. Voice Reels)