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Voice Reel Specialists


If you want to use all of your tracks to enhance your online Spotlight CV, Casting Call Pro, or any other casting websites, take a look below.


Your tracks can stay as individual tracks or can be edited into one continuous montage.


A 5 minute montage - £30 (usually a mix of commercials/monologues/narration)

Two 2½ minute montages - £35 (one for commercials and one for monologues/narration)

A 2½ minute montage - £20 (either for commercial or monologues/narration)

A 2 minute montage - £40 (a shorter,snappier montage, great to send to agents/casting directors etc.,)


Just choose the montage you would like, select the tracks you want and the order you want them in and we will edit, mix and produce it for you.


If you would like something a different then let us know and we will price it up for you.