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AdobeStock_345576331 (1).jpg


Voice Reel Analysis Report


1. Festival Ad -            Overall a good track – The end is clipped and the remnants of it appear at the start of the next track.


2. Cereal Ad -               Starts with the last track – Good mix but small clicking sounds (example: 0:00-0:07). Again the end is

                                        clipped and the remnants of it appear at the start of the next track.


3. Yoghurt Ad -           Starts with the last track -“We just had a good idea” (0:00) the “We just” is slurred. Then “Ice cream”

                                        (0:03) sounds like “Ice Keem”. There are clicks, maybe mouth noises. “With a tang” (0:24) there’s a

                                        fluff here. Again, the end is clipped and the remnants of it appear at the start of the next track.


4. Supermarket Ad - Starts with the last track - Overall a good track


5. Gaming -                  There is slight background noise (rumble) this isn’t the sfx atmosphere of the birds, it’s underneath.

                                        There is some clicking – for example (0:34-0:35) on the word “Numbers”.


6. Children’s Book -  “My hat” (0:27) there’s a click just on the ‘M’ as the voice comes in. This usually indicates that it is an

                                        editing issue probably during the clean-up or a drop in. “Little Naughty Gnome” (0:32 and 0:44) the

                                       “Little” sounds like ‘Mittle’.


7. Teen Book -            Background noise throughout (rumble). Mouth noises in the first sentence. “If only he could

                                        get at it” (0:16-0:19) the “he could” is slurred. At mark (0:24-0:25) there’s what sounds like a

                                        suppressed swallow “bottom of the pit”(swallow) “and the ground etc.,” Mouth noises after the

                                        sentence “this is what it’s like etc.,”(0:39-0:41) and through to the end.


8. The Red Fox -        The wind sfx is maybe a little too much and distracts from the text. I think an ominous, tense piece of

                                        music, not too overwhelming, low strings or simple discorded piano? “With that etc.,” (0:04-0:05)

                                        sound of your lips opening before the word “With”, this can usually be taken out in the clean-up

                                        process. There’s maybe a little electrical spike in between the words “tree” and “might” (0:43).

                                        I like the tree being chopped down sfx, works well and not too overpowering. Mouth noises



Conclusion:                 The overall mix of your reel is good, nice balance between music and voice. Parts of the read,

                                       production and clean-up need just a little tweaking though. This would take your voice reel from a

                                       good one to an excellent one. You have a great voice, a nice tonal quality and a sense of rhythm when

                                       interpreting the scripts.

AdobeStock_345576331 (1).jpg
AdobeStock_345576331 (1).jpg

The comments aren’t meant as negative but part of

a constructive process to hopefully make you think about the production quality of your voice reel so when you send it out to casting director and agents you have confidence in your reel and want people to hear it.


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Voice Reel Analysis

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