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Singing Demos

Singing Demos has been set up specifically for students of performing arts, actors, singers and dancers.

We give you an affordable way to record your singing demo in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

The tracks are all digitally recorded, mastered and produced. The MP3 files are then fully tagged with your name, photo, track name, composer etc., and sent to you via email.

Backing Tracks

Just bring yourself, and a hard copy of your music/lyrics for your reference.


We will run through the tracks in the booth, getting use to the sound and for some, the unusual sensation of hearing yourself over headphones.


When you/we are happy with everything we will begin the session.


Send us your MP3 tracks prior to the recordnig session and they will loaded on to the desk ready for you on the day. There are many backing track companies for you to source your tracks. If you have trouble finding a certain backing track, call as we have a library of tracks and may be able to help you. Or provide us with your music, prior to the recording session, and we will get a session pianist, to create a piano backing for you. There is an additional charge for this so please ask for details.

Recording Day

We are dedicated in providing a quality service at an affordable price so prices start at just £55!

The Cost

1 x Song   - Up to 1 x Hour to record   - £55

2 x Songs - Up to 2 x Hours to record - £100

3 x Songs - Up to 3 x Hours to record - £140

4 x Songs - Up to 4 x Hours to record - £175

5 x Songs - Up to 5 x Hours to record - £205

The examples above show pricings for up to 5 songs but you can, of course, record as many songs as you like just contact us for the price..

Plus you get a free montage of your tracks! Just choose the best sections of each song (between 0:30 - 0:60 seconds) and we will edit them together into one track.

So you will recieve your full individual tracks plus a mix of your tracks.

Free Montage


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