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You have 3 x hours to record 4 tracks

2 x Full Songs (Up to 3 x minutes each)

2 x Edited Songs (1 x minute each)

1 x 4K Performance Video of  one of your 1 x min songs

We specialise in a quality audio recording session. The tracks are all digitally recorded, mixed, mastered, produced. 

You will be sent, usually within 3 working days:

4 x individual MP3 tracks (Audio)

1 x MP4 file with 2 full songs and 1 edited song

(embedded photo, track titles and contact details - see below)

1 x 4K performance video of the other edited song.


The Cost

A 3 x hour recording session usually costs £250

Student/Graduate Discount!

There's a special discount price for 3rd year and graduates

only £180

That's £70 off the usual price!

MP4 Examples

If you have any questions or want to book a session, please do not hesitate to contact us: or call us on 07468 49 29 35

Please note: Payment is taken on the day of recording



All Major Credit Cards Accepted



Vocal Reels has a wealth of experience and understanding in recording high quality vocal reels.

We give you an affordable way to record your singing demo

in an informal and relaxed atmosphere...and we're based in Sidcup, Greater London!

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