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We specialise in a quality audio recording session. The tracks are all digitally recorded, mixed, mastered, produced and emailed to you within 48 hours. The MP3 files are then fully tagged with your name, song title, photo, agents details and Spotlight number etc., we also send you an MP4 video format version (see below).


We don’t offer a video service because hopefully you already have your agent’s showcase reel, which has been professionally produced with multiple camera angles, great setting, and lighting, provided by your college and you really can’t do better than that, so why pay more for a simple video that doesn’t really add anything to the package.


Not charging you for something you already have, means that we can give you a competitive price.


Along with your showcase reel, your audio tracks will complete the package you offer to agents and casting directors.


Student Discount!

There's a special discount

price for 3rd year and graduate students

Usual price: £200 - 15% discount

A 3 x hour recording session for just £170!

(Record what you like in any configuration you want)

This service is for 3rd year and graduate students ONLY

Choosing Your Songs


As we are all individual and have different needs, the 3 x hour recording session can be used in any way you like.

Here are some examples of the way you can use your session: 

                      Example 1                                                 Example 2

       2 x Full Songs (3 mins each)                             1 x Full Song (3 mins)

                                                                                 3 x 1 minute snippets (3 mins)




                      Example 3                                                 Example 4

             1 x Full Song (3 mins)                               3 x snippets (2 mins each)

     2 x 1½ minute snippets (3 mins)





Once your song choices have been made, send us your MP3 backing tracks, prior to the recording session, and they will

be loaded onto the desk ready for you on the day..

Don't forget to bring a hard copy of the music/lyrics for your and our reference.


MP4 Examples


If you have any questions or want to book a session, please do not hesitate to contact us: or call us on 07468 49 29 35

Please note: Payment is taken on the day of recording



All Major Credit Cards Accepted


Vocal Reels has a wealth of experience and understanding in recording high quality vocal reels.

We give you an affordable way to record your singing demo

in an informal and relaxed atmosphere...and we're based in Sidcup!