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Voice Reel Specialists

The Recording Day

On the day of recording, we will discuss your strengths, and work out the best way of conveying them in the recording session. This will include choosing your adverts, which we supply, looking at your readings, which you supply. Please bring more readings than you need so that we have a choice!


Some people come with a clear picture of what they consider to be their forte and a specific idea of what they want to sell in view of their voice. Some aren't too sure what will suit their voice and in both cases we will give you as much help as is needed.


Before you attend the session listen to adverts, gaming trailers, documentaries, instructional CDs, DVDs, talking books, radio drama etc., and think about whether that style would suit you and read the previous page, 'Choosing Scripts'.


Finally, when we are happy with the choices, we'll begin recording!

Here, at Silver-Tongued Productions, we believe that the editing, mixing and producing of your voice reel shouldn't be done on your time! That's why we edit, mix and produce your voice reel on our time. This means that the time you spend here is devoted to you, and the recording of your voice reel. Because we don't rush the mix down, just so that you can have it on the day of recording, it ensures good quality results.


Using our years of experience, the music is written or chosen, cut and edited to complement the voice and the style of each advert. We give a lot of thought as to which music and sound effects are chosen so that it is just right. All music is COPYRIGHT FREE so can be used on the internet.


Your MP3 Files are emailed to you fully tagged with your name, photo, track title, name of author etc.,


We will also send you a CD, for your reference, that can be played on anything. It will be fully labelled with photo on inserts and CD face, track listings and contact details.

Editing, Mixing and Producing




All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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