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Silver-Tongued Examples

The examples on this page have been recorded here, at Silver-Tongued Productions.

It demonstrates the diversity of the voice over and the quality of a Silver-Tongued Productions

voice reel.

Track Credits: 1. Helena Raeburn, 2. Andy McCloud, 3. Sean Rutledge, 4. Amy Damara, 5. Phillip Anthony,

                           6. Eva McGillivry, 7. Sam Dunham, 8. Thomas Christian, 9. Eva McGillivry, 10. Des Brittain,

                          11. Jenny Fennessy, 12. Dan Byrne, 13. Penny Rawlins, 14. Chris Courtenay,

                          15. Jennifer Armitage, 16. Felicity McCormack, 17. Joe Newton.




All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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