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Voice Reel Specialists

Voice Reel Coaching Session

This is a service we provide for those who aren't too sure as to which styles of voice over work would suit their voice, be it Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Documentary Read, Gaming, Continuity, Children’s T.V. and Corporate etc.,  (we supply all these scripts). We explore your voice and identify your voice age, range and type and decide on the best way to sell it to the voice over industry. It's also an opportunity to play around with your voice and try new things, delivery, pace, characters etc., Taking your voice to the extreme, and then reining it in.


We look at your accents, if you do them, to see if they are consistent enough to be included on your voice reel. Casting directors and agents want the real thing these days or someone who does them extremely well. You will, of course, be directed through the whole process.


The price for this1½ hour online Microsoft Teams session is: £80


All Major Credit Cards Accepted



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